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October 18 2013


History of Vibrators

Most women wouldn't know that the electronic vibrator they use in private to pleasure themselves actually has a history which involves being an integral part of medicine. That's right doctors used to use steam powered vibrators in the past although the purpose was a lot different from what it is today. In this article, I am going to take you on a journey through the history of vibrators.

Vibrators were initially invented as a tool which would help doctors treat female patients suffering from hysteria. This condition was usually associated with a number of symptoms including headaches, nervousness, loss of appetite, irritability, etc. The most feared symptom though was a patient’s tendency to get into trouble. Back then, doctors believed that this problem was caused by the female womb (since females didn't ejaculate during intercourse) and it was the fluids built up inside the womb which was the root cause of the condition. The treatment specified for this condition usually was a manual massage. But because this was too long and boring a procedure, the first vibrators were invented to help release these built up fluids.

Steam powered vibrators were never too popular even though they were revolutionary devices which could bring female's to orgasm without any human effort. The steam generating engine was usually in a different room which gave the women some privacy and the relaxation achieved through this privacy helped speed up the cure to the above mentioned condition.

You may not believe this but vibrators are part of the first 5 household items to run on electricity. The toaster was the first household item to be electrified while vibrating dildos were the second beating out things like the iron and the vacuum cleaner. But, it was only in the early 1900's that these products gained popularity when they started appearing in movies and the public gained an understanding of what they were used for. They were initially advertised as personal massagers in woman's magazines even though everyone who read about it knew exactly what it was for.

And today, the number of vibrators available in the market is just stunning. You could even say you have more choices when it comes to vibrators as opposed to toasters. You can get vibrators which will vibrate along with the music being played on your iPod, you get vibrators made from gold and you even get vibrators that remember exactly what you like and produce the same effect each time you turn it on. And of course, there is no hiding what the vibrator is meant for in today's world. In fact, women are open about vibrators even when talking with men. In fact, some sexual partners even use it during intercourse. Aren't you just amazed by how far the vibrator has come in the last 300 years?

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